Stephen Dunleavy - MD and Creative Director
Stephen is a former BBC producer who worked for the world famous Natural History Unit. He set up Humble Bee Films in 2009 with the express aim of producing fresh and imaginative factual television.

Lisa Walters - Head of Production
Lisa has more than 18 years experience in the television industry. Lisa has production managed logistically complex, big-budget series across the globe.

Hilary Jeffkins - Producer/Director
Hilary dipped her toes into the world of wildlife filming at Oxford Scientific Films before moving onto the BBC Natural History Unit where she worked for more than 20 years. She is a BAFTA winner twice over.

Sharmila Choudhury - Producer/Director
Sharmila began her TV career as a researcher on David Attenborough’s Life of Birds and went on to be involved in many of Sir David’s subsequent series. She recently acted as a consultant on Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild.

Elena Wong - Production Manager
Elena has previously worked for the BBC and a range of independent production companies. She is an expert amateur baker and brightens up the mood of the office when she brings in her wonderful homemade cakes. More please Elena!

Carina Thomas - Researcher
Carina trained as a marine biologist in Plymouth before dipping her toes into the murky waters of TV. Since then she has worked on projects for Discovery Science, BBC and Sky including the David Attenborough’s series: Rise of the Animals. As well as diving, Carina loves to snowboard - so if she isn’t in deep water she’ll be on a high mountain instead.

Adam Evans - Edit Assistant
Adam studied Film and TV production in York and soon after found his way to Films at 59 in Bristol. From there he joined the BBC and worked on the perennially popular Springwatch. Adam is a cinephile and regularly makes short films in his spare time. He claims to have an eclectic taste in music but we haven’t seen any evidence of 1D on his favourite playlist!

James Dorman - Composer
We call James our “in-house composer” which is not strictly true as he works with many other people and companies, but he is responsible for the music on nearly all our productions. His compositions are an integral part of the storytelling process but don’ t engage him in a conversation on jazz… unless you have a spare few hours!








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